Many thanks to all who participated in the Texas Scramble Open on Sunday. The results are posted below. Prize vouchers can be collected from the Starters Box.

Monifieth Golf Links

Texas Scramble on Ashludie 24th June 2018


1st       R Smith               Grange

D Walsh             Broughty

S Donald             Broughty

M Donald         Broughty                       52   –   2.4        49.6

2nd     J McLennan      Monifieth

C Hill                   Monifieth

A Thomson       Monifieth

I Anderson        Monifieth                      57 –   7.3         49.7

3rd     C Swan            Grange

J Speid              Grange

C Craig              Grange

J Rue                  Grange                         56 – 4.5       51.5

4th     P Gardiner         Monifieth

E Radley            Monifieth

N Anderson      Monifieth

R Long              Monifieth                     54 – 2.3        51.7