The slopes down to the burn banks at the 6th and 7th holes on the Medal course have for some time been a source of lost golf balls and therefore slow play. This is because they cannot be cut with a rough cutter due to the nature of the terrain. Cutting them with a ‘flymo’ is time consuming and does not give a particularly satisfactory outcome.

The Links Board is considering a project for next winter of re-contouring the slope down to the burn banks to ease the slope sufficiently to allow the use of a rough cutter. The grass would therefore be much shorter than at present, and would enable golf balls to be found more easily. The start of the slope down to the burn would be a few yards to the right (viewed from the 6th tee). The stakes which have been placed there indicate where the slope to the burn bank would start. The target area for driving from the 6th tee would therefore be slightly reduced, but would still be over 40 yards from railway fence to the start of the slope. No decision has been taken yet, but this information is being given to members to allow them to comment on the proposal (email