Work is continuing on the winter programme of work.

The gorse has been cleared on the right of the 13th fairway of the Medal course, and the area re-contoured and re-seeded. It will remain as ‘lift and drop’ meantime.

Work on the area to the left of the 6th green on the Medal course is making good progress in an effort to alleviate the flooding problem. Two large sumps containing gravel have been built to contain excess water. The bunker has been moved, and a drain has been put in to take water from the new bunker to one of the sumps. The area is being re-contoured with a substantial base of sand to absorb water more easily. The problem is the high water table, due largely to the clay soil (rather than sand) in this particular area of the course. However, it is hoped that the measures taken will result in a considerable improvement to the flooding problem.

The left greenside bunker on the 8th on Ashludie, and the greenside bunker on the 18th on Ashludie have been re-built, and are now complete, but will not be brought back into play until spring. Work has started on the right greenside bunker on the 9th hole on Ashludie to re-build it, and work will start shortly on other bunkers in the winter programme of work.

Mats will be required during the months of December, January and February. Starting on Monday 2nd December, mats must be used on all fairways and short hole tees.

With the softer greens, pitch marks are more obvious than before, and golfers are reminded to repair pitch marks on greens (more than one if you can!).

19 November 2013