Monifieth Golf Links regularly receive complaints about slow play from groups who are being held up by slower groups.

As a result we wish to remind all players that it is their responsibility to keep up with the group in front.

Monifieth Golf Links encourages all players to play ‘Ready Golf’. This is a way of playing which can have a substantial effect on the speed of play. It is based on the principle of ‘play when ready’, rather than wait for players who are further away from the hole.

The following are examples of how it can be implemented –

  • Hitting your shot if a player further away faces a difficult shot and is taking time to assess their options.
  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait.
  • Hitting your tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed.
  • Hitting your shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball.
  • Putting first if you are ready to do so, even when it is not your turn to putt.
  • Hitting your shot if the person furthest from the hole is raking a bunker.
  • Playing first when another player’s ball, which is closer to the hole, has gone over the back of the green.
  • Marking the score on immediate arrival at the next tee, except that the first player to tee off marks the score after teeing off.
  • Leaving clubs on the side of the green nearest to the next tee.
  • Playing a provisional ball when the original may be lost.

The concept of playing out of turn can be used in all types of strokeplay and stableford within the rules of golf; only in matchplay can players not play out of turn. Many golfers already play to the ideas of ‘ready golf’, and it is hoped that all players will adhere to these principles.

Note: Players should only play out of turn when it is safe to do so.

It is recognised that slow play can have an adverse effect on the enjoyment of golf, and Monifieth Golf Links is determined to take action to speed up play.

The co-operation of golfers to reduce slow play would be greatly appreciated by Monifieth Golf Links, and by all who seek to enjoy their golf at Monifieth.