Members who have played golf at Monifieth for some time will have noticed the spread of gorse and broom. In a number of areas of the golf courses there are dense areas of gorse; these inhibit the growth of grass, smother the heather, and provide a haven for rabbits. In addition, the gorse causes lots of lost balls, thereby slowing down the speed of play.

One of the areas where the gorse is proving a real problem is on the 13th, 14th and 18th holes of the Ashludie course. The fairways are narrow on these holes, and any golf shot not on the fairway is likely to be lost. The Links Board has therefore decided that much of the gorse in this area should be removed as part of the programme of work by the greens staff over the winter. Areas where the gorse is removed will have rough turf laid in its place, so that the area will recover quickly. There are other areas where gorse will be removed – for example to the right of the 12th fairway on the Medal course, where the gorse is encroaching ever closer to the green. It is not the intention to remove all gorse, since single gorse bushes can look attractive, especially when they flower in the spring. However, the golf courses should be more playable as a result of an increased gorse removal programme.

After the removal of dense areas of gorse, some locations may be marked as ‘lift and drop’ temporarily during the winter, while the new turf settles.