Having met with the reps from the European Tour recently we now have a clear picture of the arrangements for the Senior Open qualifying and how it will impact on members.

The Tournament Format
• Saturday 16th July – Official practice from 12 noon
• Sunday 17th July – Official practice all day
• Monday 18th July – 18 holes strokeplay. Approximately 100 players will compete. In the event of a tie for final qualifying and alternate places, a hole-by-hole play-off will take place over holes 1,2 and 18.
• Tuesday 19th July – held in reserve for the possibility of inclement weather or loss of light on Monday.

The Medal Course
The Medal course will be closed from 11.30 am on Saturday 16th July, all day
Sunday 17th, and all day Monday 18th. The course is also reserved on Tuesday 19th in case bad weather or loss of light on Monday, however thechances are that members will be able to play the Medal on the Tuesday all
going well. We won’t be doing an official ballot on Tuesday, if the course is
open, all members are welcome to turn up and play.

The Ashludie
On Monday 18th, the first 7 holes of the Ashludie will be closed and there will be a forward tee on the 11th. This is also pencilled in to happen on Tuesday 20th in case bad weather or loss of light on Monday. Normal ballots will continue to be done for those days and members will be able to book times, however play will commence from the 8th tee on Monday and possibly on Tuesday.

The Practice Ground
The practice ground will be closed to members at the following times:

• Saturday 16th 9am to 6pm
• Sunday 17th 7am to 6pm
• Monday 18th 6.30am to 1.30pm
• Tuesday 19th same as Monday if the tournament extends
The Car Park
The car park will be closed to members at 8.30am on Saturday 16th July and
will remain closed until Monday evening, or possibly Tuesday evening if the
tournament extends into Tuesday.