Choice of courses

Join Monifieth Golf Links and play traditional links golf over two flat 18 hole golf courses in excellent condition.


12 Month Season

Join Monifieth Golf Links and enjoy all year round on courses that seldom introduce winter greens


Unlimited Guests

Members of Monifieth Golf Links can bring an unlimited number of guests (including 3 free)


Reciprocal Deals

Members of Monifieth Golf Links qualify for up to half price golf on courses across Carnoustie Country.

Season Ticket Prices

We have a variety of season ticket options to suit all ages and lifestyles.

Our season ticket year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Reduced prices for some categories of new members now available!

(for membership until 31 March 2019)

Ticket Category Full Price From 1st June From 1st July From 1st August
Full Ticket  **  £                     470.00 390.00 352.00 313.00
5 day / 7 Day  £                     430.00 358.00 322.50 322.00
5 day / 5 day  £                     400.00 330.00 300.00 266.00
7 Day Ashludie  £                     380.00 316.00 285.00 253.00
5 Day Ashludie  £                     350.00 290.00 262.50 233.00
Adult 26-30  **   £                     352.00   264.00 234.00
Adult 22-25  **  £                     235.00   176.25 156.00
Adult 18-21  **  £                     164.00   123.00 109.00
Jun 16-18  **  £                       50.00   37.50  
15 & under  **  £                       20.00   15.00  
Country Member  £                     240.00   200.00  
** club membership required        


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join a club as well as the Links?

To enjoy the full ticket – 7 Days on both courses – you also need to have joined one of our 4 golf clubs. For any of the other ticket options, club membership isn’t required, but then you won’t be able to maintain a handicap or participate in the many club competitions on offer. The clubs all offer new member deals, so it’s worth visiting them to find out what they have to offer.

What is your refund policy?

Season tickets are non-refundable. However in certain circumstances e.g. if you are ill and unable to play for a few months we can carry a portion of your ticket payment over to the following year.

Can I pay monthly?

Monifieth Links offers credit facilities via fairway credit where (for an extra fee) payments can be spread over 8 months from 1 March until 1 October. If you are interested in using this facility, please contact the starters box for an application form. We also offer the facility for members to save in advance for the following years fees by standing order.  Again, if you are interested please contact the starters box.

I've heard it's hard to get a time at the weekend - is that true?

Weekend afternoons are particularly quiet at Monifieth.  Mornings can be over subscribed, particularly in the winter months where light is in short supply. However in these cases we offer a ballot system so all members get an equal chance to play at their preferred time as often as possible.

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